Gold Mining Equipment


Amateur - The most basic type of gold prospecting equipment

panning kit

Gold Panning

1.) Gold panning dish (Gold Panning Kit)
2.) Snuffer bottle
3.) Digging tools (picks, shovels, scoops, diggers + crevice tools)
4.) Classifier (Classifier Sieve)
This tool is a big sieve used to sift out panning material for further concentration.

Gold Detecting - Metal Detector

The way a metal detector works is to produce a stimulus of electro-magnetic energy or radio wave. This in turn spreads out through space and earth until it strikes a conductor.

Experienced prospectors and professional miners

The next relatively budget friendly piece of gold prospecting equipment has to be the gold sluice box.
suice box gold

  • Types of Sluice Boxes

  • - The Gold Rush
    - The Jungle Gold- does not have riffles
    High Banker or Power Sluice - The high banker is a Gold concentration device that is based on the sluice box in combination with a water source, usually a pump.
  • Dry Washer
  • - The dry washer is like a dry land version of the sluice box. The dry washer works by shoveling dry material into the top, which has a built-in screen to sift out any rocks too big to go down the next section.

    Trommel - The trommel itself does not separate out the gold.

    It is simply used to help separate and classify out the material for further process.

    Wash plants - Machine used to extract ores(gold)

    from paydirt when mining placer deposits, using water and sedimentation processing


    is one of the most common modern day gold prospecting tools. The type of a Dredge is defined according to the Nature of the Work they do.
    Under this heading bucket dredges may be classed as: River dredges; paddock dredges.
    Bucket Dredges - The bucket class may be sub-divided into three types
    Grapple Dredges (Grab Dredges)

    - Clam-shell Dredges
    - Orange-peel Dredges
    Dipper or Scoop Dredges

    Ladder or Elevator Dredges

    - Stationary Dredges
    - Self-propelled, Barge - loading Dredges
    - Sea-going, Hopper Dredges
    suction dredge
    Hydraulic Dredges(Suction or Pump dredges)

    A) The River Dredges
    - Radial Feeding with Spud Anchorage
    - Forward Feeding or Mississippi River Type
    B) Sea-going Hopper Dredges
    According to the Motive Power

    (a) Current-wheeler dredge;
    (b) Steam dredge;
    (c) Electric dredge;
    (d) Turbine dredge;
    (e) Pelton-wheel Dredge
    (f) Hand Dredge

    Other placer gold mining equipment

    Shaker deck/screen/grizzly
    Slurry pumps
    Shaker table
    Gravity concentrator for fine gold recovery


    Dry washer
    Gold wash plant
    Shaker deck
    Centrifugal gold concentrator


    Classified according to the Nature of the Work they do:
    Rock drills
    Earth Moving Equipment
    Ore Transportation and Distribution Equipment (this can be done by hand/shovel for very small scale mining)
    Crushing Equipment
    Grinding Equipment (and the associated grinding media)
    Classification Equipment
    Gravity Gold Recovery Equipment
    Gold Leaching Equipment
    Slurry Transportation & Storage
    Flotation Concentrate Drying and Storage
    Flotation Concentrate Drying and Storage